8bit Microcontroller

Code optimization for XBM images on Nokia LCD

2017-05-12 23:45:29

Continuing with XBM images and animations on the Nokia 5110 / 3310 LCD, this time going more into the code itself and looking into optimization possibilities for the original example.

XBM images and animations on a Nokia LCD

2017-05-07 21:44:52

Display images and simple animations on a low-cost Nokia 5110 / 3310 LCD by generating raw display memory data straight from XBM files with a little help from gcc and Bash.

Adding Bluetooth LE to AVR with nRF8001

2017-02-25 02:43:19

An abstract tale about the creation of a BLE example system to set the brightness of a LED and receive information about a button.

Illuminating a shot glass tray for fun and Prosit!

2016-04-17 22:16:28

Build a wooden shot glass tray, add a couple of RGB LEDs, a button and a microcontroller and you will have a nice mood light for the next party. Throw in some extra code and you end up with a drinking game as easy and effective as Heads or Tails.